Expecting your early reply

From: Samrith Meng <worldbank.usgov@gmail.com> 
Sent: Monday, 22 April 2019 6:42 PM
Subject: Expecting your early reply


I am Engineer Salem Mohammed, Chief Engineer in Oil Field Inspection and Personal Assistance to the former Syrian Oil Minister before the war in Syria.

I served the oil minister diligently .I am presently in Syria right now and do not know when I will be out from here as I have duly resigned my position and held by the government for not supporting bad activities and joined my country’s citizens who government refused to defend by killing and destroying all their investment. I cannot be against the people I serve.

The crisis in our country Syria is getting worst every day and I have taken this decision to plan and secure my oversea investments with all the money which I was able to secure

from the government. I am sick and now can’t do anything due to held by government authorities. You may have a little look over what is happening in our country Syria presently

by opening the link:


I am seeking your assistance to secure the sum of US$300,000.00(Three hundred Million United States Dollars) to your country or any safe country as far as I can be assured that it will be safe in your care until I found my way out from here.

This money is genuine.(It’s not a stolen money) I got it from the oil business contracts I did with a company I registered sometime ago in Iraq with a friend.

I need to secure the money and move out as soon as I have the opportunity because don’t know if I will be alive or not due to the war and killing going on daily here.

I want you to handle this with trust and then when I am able to travel I can meet you. Let me know if you have any investment plan already.

My only daughter is now in the Turkey Syrian boarder and she is only
18 years old, so you can also secure her safety out from Turkey. She has no passport now but through United

Nation Mission there you can assist her to move out and meet you as soon as money is ready.

I will be handing over 40% of the total money to you as soon as you secure the funds safely.

I will be willing to discuss further on our sharing pattern and other mode of operation once I get a favorable feed back from you through this my private secured email: salem.mohammed11@outlook.com

As soon as I receive your positive response, I will give you more details and information on the way forward.

Thank you,


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