Vital Information For You

from: Wenzel <>
date: Mar 27, 2019, 10:26 PM
subject: Vital Information For You

Dear sir,

I hope my message does not make you apprehensive as I am contacting you in respect to a mutual business proposal; my name is Robert Wenzel, I am the Operations Manager of a Vaults and courier services company. I have been working with this company for over 13 years and within this period, I have watched with a keen interest on how African Heads of state and government functionaries use this company as vehicle to move huge sums of money in cash (Pounds STERLING, EUROS, US$ ETC) to their foreign partners and asset managers overseas.

This individuals lodge cash in the consignments and secretly declare the contents as family treasures and classified documents. These consignments deposited within our vault are after sometime being claimed by their foreign partners, friends and relatives. A lot of them are lying here unclaimed in our storage facility for as much as 9-10 years. Nobody will ever come for them because in most cases, the deposit documents are never available for anybody except the depositors.

I have finalized every arrangement for you to claim a certain consignment with code NO; VDS: 20/21, valued at $7.5 MILLION. The main reason why I have written this mail to you is because no one has applied for the issuance of the release of these trunks as they have laid here for over 9yrs now. In conclusion; I assure you that this business is risk free. (OUR MODE OF SHARING IS 50% FOR YOU AND THE REST 50% for me).

If you are of interest to the proposed deal, please do not hesitate to me back at your earliest convenient time.

Best Regards,
Mr. Robert Wenzel

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