from: Carlos Santana <> via
reply-to: Carlos Santana <>
date: Mar 26, 2019, 2:50 AM

Dear Sir,
I know this letter may come to you as surprise, but please don’t betray the trust and hope I have in you. My Name is Mr Carlos Santana the only Son of Late Mr Fernando Santana from the Republic of Angola. Currently I am leaving in South Africa as Refugee seeker. Few months ago my Father was kidnapped and Murdered in our country Angola by his immediate family Brothers because his wealth and family properties .After the incident death of my Father, I was except from our country to the Republic of South Africa were my late father usually does his business with some South African business Men to (Seek Asylum) for slave of my life.

My late father was a big farmer and international business man in our country and he does business with some South African business Men. My father kept the sum of US$22,000,000.00) twenty two Million united state Dollars with one of the top Security Company here in South Africa for his business and other new project he was planning. (THIS MONEY WAS KEPT IN A SAFE BOX AS A FAMILY TREASURE AND THE SECURITY COMPANY DOESN’T KNOW THE CONTENT OF THE BOX IS MONEY), all the document is with me. Please I am asking for your help as God fearing person to assist me to transfer the money (US$22,000,000.00) which belongs to Father into your account for investment in your country or any country of your choice. Since the death of my Father I am leaving with fear here in South Africa because of those my bad uncles that murdered my Father.

Please my dear if you can help me transfer the money into your account for investment in your country or any other country you choice, I promised to give you 20% of the money while 10% will be kept for any expenses during the transaction, the remain 70% will be for Me for the Investment. For more details consigned the transaction please contacts me immediately.
Thanks, may almighty God be with you and your family Amen.

Fax: +27-86-458-5415
Fax: +27-86-514-3401

Mr.Carlos Santana.

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