Ermias Dea Bramo From Ethiopia

This scam came in through our comments:

Hello blessed God’s people,

Peace to you from Jesus our Lord.

I’m Ermias Dea Bramo From Ethiopia who is your body part in Jesus Christ .

Here under I present you some support request project for my family in Jesus Honor name .

Project Title:

Support My 15 Membered Family Who Are In Hunger.

-3 sick,old aged parents and 12 under aged children.

-Clothes,food,health care.

-15,000Birr/$600 per month.


-Country:Ethiopia (City Addis Ababa).
-Region:Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region(City Hawassa).
-Zone:Wolayta (City Sodo).
-Woreda/Local District:Diguna Fango (Town:Bitana)
-Village:Shinka and Workicha.

From Capital Addis Ababa:400Km(On the way of Hawassa-Sodo).
-From Region:128Km (On the half way of Hawassa-Sodo)
-From Zone:50Km
-From District/Woreda-15Km

Discription of the locality

The locality is rural area which has no pipe/drinking water,people farm depending on rain fall,one main asphalt road from Hawassa to Sodo,One government hospital at Woreda town and market there.Peolpe grow corns like maize,root eating plants like false banana for survival from hand to mouth.So as the subjects.
But nothing sufficient because,the rain doesn’t match with their farming interest.Even if they need to rear cattle,shortage of water affects it and they are unable.

The area has tele network,no electricity,people use fire wood and kerosine for night light but they don’t have money to buy it.There is no fire wood to collect.

The subjects are dependent and can’t produce interms of illness and childhood.They sold the farming land for 45,000Birr/$1700.So,learner children droppedout their learning and migrated to towns for labour work for food and other needs.

-For five months/January-May 2019.

The area people are vulnerable for hunger and diseases like malaria in these months; many die for it.

In rainy seasons,the subjects lack clothes in cold weather and that makes them pain from.They live in a cultural hut made from mud and grass which leaks at reany season.

NB:-I requested many local churches but they have no economic potential.

Ermias Dea Bramo From Wolayta,Ethiopia.

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