Reader submission, no headers provided.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045


What is really going on and why havent we heard from you in regards to the ongoing transaction of $22.5m?We have told you to send the fee for the transfer documents so that the $22.5m can be processed and released to you but till this moment never heard from you.
Your delay is affecting this transaction and the Board of Directors have instructed that the transaction be concluded or we reallocate to your representatives.
This is to notify you that the payment for the documents must be sent immediately or your allocated funds of $22.5m will be canceled and reallocated to your representatives in according to section 48 sub section 84 of international remittance policy.
In case you are having any challenges,do let us know immediately,so that we can know how to assist you.

Awaiting your response.

Scott Anderson
Senior Personal Assistance
Chairman Board of Governors,
Federal Reserve Bank

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