MoneyGram First Payment #MTCN 29745640

 reply-to: MONEY GRAM OFFICE <>
 date: Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 6:53 PM
 subject: MoneyGram First Payment #MTCN 29745640

Hello Dear,

This message is from Federal ministry of finance office under the ( United Bank for Africa ) we are to let you know that We have finally concluded with (UBA BANK) of Africa Benin Republic to release your payment worth $3.5Million US Dollars to you through Money Gram which total payment going to be receive each day is $5,000.00 and First payment has been send: First :#MTCN;29745640, but you have to (Re-new Your Payment File) today before you will receive it

I told him to keep sending you $5,000.00 daily until the payment of $3.5Million US Dollars is completed, again re-confirm your address to avoid sending it to wrong person, so that they will be sure;

A copy of your Id….

Please find below, your information to pick up the first sent $5,000 USD and upon pick up by you, another detail we be sent again and I want you to track you will see that the money is there

Use the below info to pick up your money now.
MTCN ::::::::::#MTCN;29745640,(senders name;udemezue).
Amount: $5,000 USD

Call  Mr.James Fredrick from money gram office on this number +1(609) 559-0372 before going to the Money Gram store.

Please, contact: Mr.James Fredrick To the below
E-mail (
Telephone: +1(609) 559-0372

Contact him if you need any help on it and let me know when you confirm it all.

Mrs.Janet Anderson

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