Compliment of the season.

from: Mr. Kevin Ben <>
 to: Recipients <>
 date: Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 5:54 AM
 subject: Compliment of the season.

Foreign Payment Department United Kingdom
General Board & Compensation Reserve Team

Dear Beneficiary,

Compliment of the season.

I will not say much to you in this email but note,if you send money from now till next two years to all those offices you are sending money to in regards to your payment with out following the normal procedure.

You will never receive the money till you follow the proper way to receive your fund.

Your file is here in my table but what surprises me is that you don’t know the amount you suppose to claim.

The fund i have here in my system which i know is the one that will be easy for you to receive is $8.7 Million.

Others you are following is not in the system.Please if you need to receive this fund with out delay or spending money to receive it legally,name my price and i will assist you to receive it.

If that is okay by you send to me your direct phone number, address and drivers license and you will be glad to receive your fund through me within few days. Send below details to this email ( )

Waiting for your email.

Mr. Kevin Mark Ben.

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