I am glad to inform you

From: MR.AARON OWEN [mailto:mr.aaronowen@yahoo.comSent: Saturday, 28 October 2017 12:46 AM
To: [Redacted]
Subject: I am glad to inform you

I am glad to inform you officially that the United Nations, World Bank and IMF has given the final payment order to an American bank to release your US$10.300.000.00 as part payment for the final quarter of 2016. This instruction was based on the last meeting held in UN office in Geneva, Switzerland as it is been considered a paramount resolution for scam victims compensation scheme.

During the verification exercise, it was discovered that your name was among the Thirty Six (36) shortlisted names for the 2017 final quarter payment.  You are therefore, advised to contact the Paying Bank for the release of your compensation funds.

Below is the Bank contact for release of your compensation funds.

Contact Person: Mr. Brandon Reece
Position: Remittance Dept.
Bank’s name: National Bank of Washington Dc, USA.
Tel: +1-202-524-1768?
Email: brareece22@gmail.com

Finally, ensure you contact him as soon as you receive this notice and also do notify us of your progress with the Bank and your payments.

Mr. Aaron Owen,
World Bank Zurich,

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