(No Subject)

from: Collins C Chikeluba <customer20@tim.it>
reply-to: edward.palimoore@gmail.com
date: Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 3:16 AM

This is to inform you that a compensation fund in the $2 Million USD has been
willed to you by Central Bank of Nigeria CBN.I will not go
into much details explaining why you are entitled to this fund because you
already know the source of the fund.

CBN is the central banking system of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It was
created with the enactment of the African Union Act to conduct
the nation’s monetary policy, supervise and regulate banking institutions,
maintain the stability of the financial system and
provide financial services to depository institutions, the African continent,
and foreign official institutions.

Based on the fact that the ongoing economic crimes and online fraud is largely
practiced in Africa mostly Nigeria,we have made it compulsory that any foreign
transaction originated from Nigeria which is above $500,000 USD must undergo
the full clearance in this office which i am heading.No fund will be
transferred oversea without the notice of the director of CBN whereas the fund
is originated from Nigeria.  We must verify the legitimacy of the fund and
after proper verification,we will issue the original approval,have the fund
recorded and then transferred to the beneficiary.The purpose of this lengthy
explanation is for your caution and to know when you are dealing with scammers.

This is to let you know that a new development emerge and irrevocable order has
been given regarding the immediate remittance of your fund
to your account.We have been instructed to make everything very transparent and
clear to avoid any bias or doubt.

Your fund is now with CITI BANK Virginia,USA.All you have to do is contact
Edward Palimore ,Executive and board member CITI Bank  virginia.

His private email is:edward.palimoore@gmail.com
His mobile phone is:+1 804 208 00

Once you contact Edward,tell him that Collins from CBN directed you to contact
them.Then they will process the fund and you can do the
transfer online yourself without any hitch or any upfront fee to be paid.

You can trace my identity at the CBN official web page or click on my

Thanks as i awaits to hear from you.

Collins C Chikeluba


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