Congratulation, !!

From: Davies Family & Partners. []
Sent: Saturday, 12 August 2017 8:19 AM
Subject: Congratulation, !!


We the Davies family and our partners Keith Reynolds and Steve Powell won the Euro Millions Lottery of ?61.1 Millions British pounds and after our joyful celebrations and excitements we all decided to donate 1.5 million British Pounds to 10 individuals worldwide as our own charity project. To verify, please see our interview by visiting the web page below.

Your email address was among the emails which were submitted to us by the Google, Inc as a web user; if you have received our email please, kindly send us the below details so that we can direct our associate attorney to effect the transfer of the funds to you as a check or Wire transfer to your Bank account in your country.

Full Name:
Present Address:
Mobile No:

Send your response to this Email:

Best Regards,

Davies Family & Partners.


One Response to Congratulation, !!

  1. Judith says:

    I received this email regarding the Davies Family charity giveaway in November, 2017. I would like to see these scammers stopped.

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