For your urgent attention

from: Mrs. Cecilia Weyers <>
to: [Redacted]
date: Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 7:06 AM
subject: For your urgent attention

I am looking for a foreign business partner that will assist my family to receive substantial amount of money in an offshore account for investment purposes, my name is Mrs. Cecilia Weyers, the wife of late Mr. Samuel Weyers, who was a commercial farmer and tobacco merchant in Zimbabwe. My husband is one of the people that was murdered in cold blood by President Robert Mugabe, under his direct leadership & responsibility (as President of Zimbabwe) several thousand, and probably over hundreds of thousand people were killed in a major act of genocide during the land dispute that exclusively affected the white farmers and few black farmers, the land reform in Zimbabwe resulted to the killing and mob action by war veterans and some lunatics in the society.
Before the death of my husband he lodged the sum of $32,000.000.00(thirty two million U.S. dollars) in a security firm in South African. The fund was meant for purchasing of farm machinery equipment, irrigation equipment and automatic sprinkler systems, pumps & tractors before the land dispute.
Currently, I am living in South Africa with my three children as refugees and we are not allowed certain rights, including opening bank account or investment, I will like to form a mutually-beneficial relationship with you and nominate you as my late husband’s foreign trustee so that the fund will be transferred to you. For your assistance to receive it, you will be entitle for 30% of the total sum, while you will help my family invest our share of 70% into a profitable business in your country.
Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on my email.
Yours faithfully,
Cecilia Weyers


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