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Sent: Tuesday, 25 July 2017 10:38 PM
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Welcome to money gram online transfer Cotonou, Benin republic.
Address: 126 Addington Road Croydon Cr2 BP 325- Cotonou- Benin Contact head office for your own good (319) 333-7171) Mr Jerry Leo

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This is to confirm the receipt of your email application for the release of your US$15.5Million through this office money gram Service mode of  payment at counter as directed and we have since commenced the relevant programming and the documentations of the said fund, as we are instructed to make the first payment MTCN available the next day upon the receipt  of the application from the beneficiary which is you.It is our pleasure to inform you that the Benin Financial Intelligence Unit, (BFIU) after their careful verification on your payment has granted us their Approvals and Clearance in your favor to release your payment of US$15.5Million USD And we Equally wish to inform you that we have also finalized our indoor formalities regarding the transfer of your outstanding fund to the address you provided. The limits that can be send out from here to an individual in a foreign country is $5,000.00 per transfer.

With the above development we have scheduled that your payment will come in a manner of one MTCN numbers which is $5,000.00 daily with Sunday as an exception Unless where is stated otherwise. Bases on the instructions given to us to start the processing and programming of the first payment upon the receipt of Application request from you for the release of your first payment, we have signed and endorsed the release of your first payment $5,000.00, but please be Inform that before we can release the MTCN numbers to you, you have to fulfill our obligation by providing the sum of $97 usd to secure the International Remittance Form (IRS) from Federal Ministry of Finance. These are the basic Legal Transfer Documents that are required to facilitate the transfer of these funds to you and has to be signed  originally, The (IRS) Form will cost $97 and the cost of this is the primary concern of the beneficiary.

We want to make it clear to you that our policy does not charge you for any upfront payment before releasing your transfer MTCN Numbers but due to inactive Of your transfer file the system cannot keep record of your transfer proceedings for transparency as demanded by the Central Bank of Benin to help checkmate The present economics crisis of world over today, and unless the file is renew the fund cannot be release to you, so understand why you are being charged, Without renewing your payment file you can not be able to pick up your first payment.

The cost for securing (IRS) of your transfer proceedings is $97 and once that is being obtained we shall update and validating unit your transfer file will Be build and the system will program your first transfer MTCN of $5,000.00 ready for pick up at any money gram outlet closer to you. Bear in mind that we don’t have authority over your fund yet until you present the required charge in other to secure the International Remittance Form and Also be rest assure that once we obtain the said document, you will start receiving your first payment of $5,000.00 and the rest of the payment.

Note this: If there is any mistake to your Name and address you provided, please correct it now before the programming will start.  Use Below information to send the $97 for your first MTCN Numbers of $5,000.00 to be release Immediately:

Receivers______________Ben Udha
Country:_______________Benin Republic
Test question__________urgent
Test Answer____________needed
Sender’s Name:_________

Please send the fee through money gram around you and get back to us with MTCN slip in other to proceed on your transfer.  Your rapid response is highly needed.

(319) 333-7171
Thanks and my regards.
Mr Jerry Leo
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