Attention: Beneficiary

Sent: Monday, 24 July 2017 11:01 PM
To: [redacted]
Subject: Attention: Beneficiary

This is an official message coming to you by Mrs CHINNY MERCY i am writing to inform you because after the meeting held yesterday by the board of director’s i meant to understand that MR FAIZIDATUL BINTI ISMAIL, was not sent by you and however i want to inform you that MR FAIZIDATUL BINTI was arrested today and by Monday morning he will be taking to court and after the court he will be jail at the same time for his illegal act towards your payment.

Secondly i want you to stop any illegal transaction you are having in Africa concerning your fund because we have already issue out a ATM card that contain your fund and it was handed over to Dr Robert Mueller the FBI controller,For the FBI to deliver you check to you home address and the only amount you will spend on this is $199 and you will have your ATM card from the FBI agent without anymore delay or any other payment.

Finally don’t ever delay on making the payment because i don’t need anything that will make you not to receive you check from the FBI,and never you surprise why it is only FBI is in charge for you check,is only FBI will deliver it to you without any problem of disturbance for air ways action tax force,so i want you to follow my instruction and i assure you with the rest of the life that within the next 24hours you will receive your check from the FBI agent and if you don’t receive your check after sending the $177 let the god almighty take away my life but if you do receive your check after sending the $199 let the god also spear my life, and i am saying all this just to prove to you that i am the only person who will make it happen so kindly get back to me after reading this mail to enable us get this done once and for all.

And below is the payment details.Through Money gram

Receiver::::::::::: EMMA UDE?
Country ::::::::::: Benin Republic.?
Amount::::::::::::: $199 USD.?
SENDER :::::::::::: NAME?

Best Regards,
Admin secretary


2 Responses to Attention: Beneficiary

  1. Alexander Ipina says:

    Ke paso

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