Your winnings

Reader submission.  No headers provided.

Meanwhile all the document related to your winning will be given to you on the arrival of the senior Diplomat Mr. Ben John Kennedy to your home,for security reason your parcel cannot disclose to third party to avoid disqualification that may occur on double claims. in other words make sure you have your identity proof to identify yourself on the arrival of diplomat in your house such as, driven linces,passport,pan card,adhear card etc.

But if you do not wish to claim your price any longer we advice you to fill the disqualification letter attach to this email and return it back immediate so that the custom will release the parcel to diplomat to enable him return it back to us without delay, therefore we have given you 24 working hours to claim your price otherwise it will return back to the company.

Furthermore we are very sorry to inform you the inconvenient this might have cause to you.

NUMBER: +91 8447759446

Finally the diplomat will help you convert the money into India Rupees and you will take photo with him which he will bring back to us,note the money you will get from this you shall use some to help the less privilege and also the poor people surrounding you.

Congratulation Once Again

Best Regards,

Best Regards
Rev.Dr. Max Williams

The Coca-Cola Company
Promo-Manager United Kingdom
Coca Cola Mobile Promo 2017
Contact No.,


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