Sent: Monday, 17 July 2017 8:48 PM

Immigration and Customs Enforcement U.S.
Department of Homeland Security,
Street S.W. Suite 322.Atlanta Georgia 30303
2160 Park-lake Drive Northeast, Atlanta – 1694 Phoenix Parkway, Atlanta UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Atlanta Area. Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority ( MARTA) The MOTTO of ICE is “INTEGRITY, COURAGE, and EXCELLENCE”
Cell Phone: (805) 317-7588


Please take note that this is for real because we are ready to take you to any length if you failed to proof the legitimate of the fund you are about to receive. As a Federal Commission we are here to protect your interest and the interest of all the United State citizens as well as this great Nation. You have been investigated as the beneficiary of the said funds worth USD$3.5 Millions inside your ATM Card will be completed to your destination that is why you are in touch with the FBI for a solid proof before the funds will be release to you. The said funds is now in United Bank of Africa UBA in your name which has been placed on hold under the custody of the FBI for further verification and proof before releasing the fund to you, we further held a meeting with the United nation in person of the President of France Patrice Talon, where they finally concluded that they every of our American citizen should stop every upfront payment because your so called partner will keep asking more money after money, and fund will not be released to you.

They finally concluded that every American citizen must posses a Vital Classified Document called Immunity Seal of Transfer that overrule every upfront payment fee and certificates, You do not have this document in your files, if you did the fund would not have been put on-hold. We did not believe this at first, but when we saw the transfer we had no option than to contact you. We have gone through your Identification record, we have verified a lot of things about you. It has come to the attention of our Money trafficking investigation department, that you have some funds valued $3.5 Millions USA dollars to your name, The said payment is awaiting adjudication and crediting to you, this funds are from Inheritance ‘willed ‘ from United Bank Of Africa In Benin Republic. With full concern of United Nations and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wish to remind you of the consequences of remitting such huge sums of money without complying fully with the provisions of the Financial.

Note that with the information’s we have here, the fund in your name here was release from Federal Republic Of Benin. To this regard you are to contact the EFCC Benin where the fund was release from so that they will issue you the required document because they are the only people that can issue you the document. Nobody else have the right or privilege to issue you this document unless the EFCC Benin. You are under an observational /Investigation in connection with money laundering. If your funds comes from a legitimate and legal source, the proper guidelines for you to recover the right of transaction is for you to provide the official monitory transaction release document so that your funds will be legally processed and recorded and accounted for and then finally released to you.

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (ANTI-TERRORIST AND MONEY LAUNDERING DEPARTMENT) is here to wipe out terrorism, and will stop at no length in doing our duty for the American people. You have 92 hours to produce legal proof of the below frozen wired transaction number code: AZQV9007 owned by you. Note that you do not have any rights to receive these funds if the documented legal wire information is not completed. For your own good and benefit, you are advice not to send your money to anybody except the below person that will get the document for you. It has come to our notice that you have been dealing with some set of Impostors regarding the present transaction in your name, with the power imposed on us as a high Federal Commission, you are hereby warn and instruction to terminate your involvement with any people or individual contacting you regarding this present transaction. The said funds is now in our custody in your name as the beneficiary, your dealings should be channel to this office alone, if we find out you are still communicating with Impostor’s you will be charge for advance fraud communication by the Federal Law.

The very heart of FBI operations lies in our investigations which serve as our mission states, to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States, So follow our instructions properly to avoid any action before you pay any fee to them, they will ask for more We currently have jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal law. So you can see that we can track you down through Investigative programs. We have your address and the evidence and status of your wired funds, so we can arrest you any time anywhere, so contact them with required fee and the Reference Number in receipt of this message, because the document is very mandatory.

You don’t have the required document on your possession, these document are only to be issue to you from the paying country Benin, to this regards you are advice to contact the EFCC Benin to obtain the document from them to enable the immediate release of the funds in your name without entertaining any interrogation and avoid any further delay .We have done our verification on your FBI Identification Record with our Social Security Number, the only document left is the required Immunity Seal of Transfer (IST) Which should be issue to you from the paying country of the said funds, you are to contact the ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC) Benin to obtain the above required document, find below their contact information’s:

Contact Person: Mr. Wallace Hiton
Email: (
Tel: +229-96504948

Further more, be advice that according to the United State Law together with the FBI rules and regulations, you are to obtain the document from the EFCC Benin where the fund was transfer from. Also Note that you are to take care of the Document to be issued to you right away, because due to the content of the document and how important and secured the document is, You are advised to take care of the document by requesting for the payment information and sending to the EFCC Benin the sum of $267 Dollars only for the issuing of the document right away and your fund will be release to you, That is the only way the EFCC Benin will issue you the document, because they are going to issue you the Authentic and Original copy of the document for the release of your fund. You are here by advice to Contact them through the email address above to acquire from them on how you are going to send the fee to them. Note that you are to do this immediately if you really want your ATM Card delivery to your destination and Diplomatic Agent has delivery of your ATM Card came from Impex Courier Company Benin Republic.

Forward the Document to us via Email: ( as soon as you Obtain it after which you must have  effected the payment sum of $267 to below information while you provide the Reference Number to Mr. Mr. Wallace Hiton. with the Email:( Address for your Immediate (IST) Document to be available. Send the fee Via Money Gram International Transfer as they directed you below:

Receiver’s Name: EDGE EDU
Sender’s Name and Address.
Money Gram Ref#
Text Question? A
Text Answer: B
Amount:$267 USD.
City: Cotonou
Country: Benin Republic

As soon as you send the fee, make sure that you send me the Reference Number, senders name and other payment information. Once you send the Money, Try to immediately notify me with the Reference Number for confirmation and for the immediate action on the shipping of your ATM Card and its Handing over to you. Also you are to forward to us any email that you have been receiving from people for proper verification and investigation before you deal with them okay.

I have a very limited time to stay here so i Will like you to urgently respond to this email message with the fee payment Reference Numbers ok , my dear, this is the opportunity for you and you have to urgently comply so that your ATM Card shall be deliver to you at your designated address. But remember that after (Some Days) you did not make the Payment, then I Will have not other option than to regard your funds as unclaimed and divert it to Us Government Reserve Fund or to Benin Government Treasury. Please treat this as a matter of urgency.

Sincerely Yours,


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