Your First Payment of $5000 Is Ready Now Contact Mr Larry Bruce via

From: Jimmy []
Sent: Sunday, 9 July 2017 6:01 AM
Subject: Your First Payment of $5000 Is Ready Now Contact Mr Larry Bruce via


This is to inform you that the America Embassy office was instructed to transfer your funds $985,000.00 U.S Dollars compensating all the SCAM VICTIMS and your email was found as one of the VICTIMS.

By America security leading team and America representative officers so between today till 28th Of October 2017 you will be receiving the sum of $5000dollars per day. However be informed that we have already sent the $5,000 dollars this morning to avoid cancellation of your payment, remain the total sum of $980,000.00.

You have only 48 hours to call this office upon the receipt of this email the maximum amount you will be receiving per a day starting from today’s $5,000 and the Money Transfer Control Number of today is below.

NOTE; The sent $5,000 is on hold because of the instruction from IMF office, they asked us to place it on hold by requesting the (Clean Bill Record Certificate) in order to fulfill all the necessary obligation to avoid any hitches while sending you the payment through Western Union money transfer, the necessary obligation i mean here is to obtain the (Clean Bill Record Certificate)

Below is the information of today track it to see is available to pick up by the receiver, but if we didn’t hear from you soon we’ll pickup it up from line for security reasons to avoid hackers stealing the money online.

1)Senders Name:: Holly Waldon
2)MTCN Number::: 3930786381
3)Amount::: $5000.00 USD.
4)Test Question: Color
5)Answer: Blue
6)Amount: $5000.00

We need the below details from you, to enable us place the payment to your name and transfer the fund to you.

(Full Receivers name)……………
(Your Country)……………….
( Address)…………………. .
(Phone Number)…………………

Furthermore you are advised to call us as the instruction was passed that within 48hours without hearing from you, Count your payment canceled. Number to call is below

listed manager director office of release order:

+234 81 233 866 3
Mr Larry Bruce,

Dr. John Wool.


One Response to Your First Payment of $5000 Is Ready Now Contact Mr Larry Bruce via

  1. Lindsey Thomson says:

    just received the same email in my SPAM folder, i look at them & ROFL & delete

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