Andrew marian

Reader submission, no headers or photos provided.

My dear.
I know this email will come to you as a surprise as we have not met or had a previous correspondence, please be patient with me, I really like to have a good relationship with you, and I have a special reason why I decided to write because The urgency of my situation here …

It gives me more joy because I believe that we both have to be open and the sincere mind to know us deep down, to share our solitude and thoughts, before I go to proceed more fully I introduce myself to you,

Andrew marian am, girl 24 years old from Liberia, my hobbies are reading novels, jogging, listening to music, cooking, music, TV and movies. I am the only daughter of the late Dr. Andrew John, before my death his father was a well-known merchant in cocoa, cola-nuts, cashews, works of art and land developer, my father was murdered by unknown men arms No one knows why He was short, but before his death, he is taking a private hospital to stay and he died, but before he died he told me all about this money because I am the only son.

I have an obligation to contact you because of the ill-treatment I receive from my stepmother, and plans to take away all the treasures and property of my late father since the unexpected death of my beloved Father, in the meantime, I wanted to escape from Europe, but to hide my passport International and other valuable travel documents. Luckily, he did not find out where my father is, which contains important documents. So I decided to run to the refugee camp where I am currently seeking asylum

I wish to contact you personally for a long-term business relationship and investment assistance in your country, my father deposited the sum of $ 8.6 million into a bank with my name as the closest relative. However, I will send you the necessary documents upon confirmation of your acceptance to assist me in the transfer and investment of the fund. As the investment helps me, and I would like to finish my studies,

As I was in my first year in college when the crisis began in my life. It is my desire to make up for 25% of the total money as soon as the transfer should be done if you may not find it good enough to be your life partner, this is the reason why I decided to contact you. Pastors Emmanuel Anthony is in charge of the refugee camp in Dakar, Senegal’s phone number is (221-762-542 + -459) if you call and say you want to talk to me that you will send me at the hostel.

As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In light of the above, an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely.I the following details allow you to write a nomination letter to enter the bank as my partner / trustee need to be viewed.

1. Your full legal name ———
2. Contact addresses ———–
3.Number Number ————
4.Nationality ———–
5.Age ———–
6. Yourocupación ————-

Attached here are my photos,

Please keep it only in your car, please do not disclose until I come, once the funds have been transferred.

I remember that I am giving you all this information because of the trust I placed in you. I like people honest and understanding, truthful and a man of vision, truth and hardworking. My favorite language is English, but very fluid

Miss Mariana


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