Attention Beneficiary

from: Rev. Dr John Williams <“www.”>
reply-to: “Rev. Dr John Williams” <>
date: Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 9:51 AM
subject: Attention Beneficiary

Attention Beneficiary,

Be informed that an acknowledgement has been given to the receipt of your
email transmission Sequel to the request, I have your ” Atm Visa Card”
containing US $17.7 Million United States dollars on my table right now and it
can not be transferred into your destination Bank account because the money is
not in cash, it is in Cheque which has been converted into an International
Global Atm Visa Card which is with us here in Republic of Benin,

I am going to send it to you through the means of ”Courier Services”, and to
avoid much delay!! You have to send
Your Name:……….
Your Address:…….
Your Telephone Number:…..
Your Age:………
Your Country:………
Your occupation……..
where the  Delivery Company would deliver your package to, meanwhile you are
required to chose one among the listed four option and you will take care of
its delivery fee.

They are as follows:

1. FedEx Courier services 4days delivered to your doorstep ($285.00)
2. DHL Courier services 3days delivered to your doorstep ($395.00)
3. Ups Courier services. 2days delivery to your doorstep ($250.00)
4. Sky Link Express services 1day delivery to your doorstep ($430.00)

Furthermore, on receipt of your response and method of your chosen Courier
Services, i shall furnish you with the payment details which you would use to
wire the required delivery fee via MONEY GRAM or WESTERN UNION money transfer.
I will send the “ATM VISA CARD” to you first thing tomorrow morning before
going to crusade in London. I shall give you the receiver’s name that would be
required to use to send the delivery charges either Money Gram or Western Union
upon your response.


Rev. Dr John Williams
Delivery superintendent
Tele:+229 996 088 48


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