Good night)))))))))))

another romance scam.

from: Karolina <>
date: Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 3:42 PM
subject: Good night)))))))))))

Greetings my friend! It is Karolina 28 writing to you! I found you & decided to know you more.
For me it is first time try to meet friend in such way and I dont know what to tell you right now.
I want to find a good man for relations or friendship. It is not a joke for me and I don`t play in games.
I hope that you are also serious. We can be away from each other but I hope its not a problem?!
Do not answer me if you not single or message was delivered to you by mistake.
If you interesting in me too I would be happy to have your answer. Karolina



2 Responses to Good night)))))))))))

  1. OWAIS uddin says:

    To ,
    Miss karolina
    I am owais uddin
    If you want real friend ship yes I can
    And reply me into my personal mail in box okay

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