from:    Jane Dawson <“jane1.”@wonder.ocn.ne.jp>
reply-to:    Jane Dawson <jane11@citromail.hu>
date:    Fri, Jun 2, 2017 at 12:30 AM
subject:    HELLO

My Dear.

It is my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I intend to establish in your country.Though I have not met with you before but I believe,one has to risk confiding in someone to succeed sometimes in life.

I inherited the sum of US$7, 600.000.00 ($7.6M) from my late father before he was assassinated. The money is deposited in one of the prime Banks here in my country.
I am contacting for the urgent transfer of my inherited fund for investment in your country under your care.

I want you to help me transfer this money from the bank into your personal account in your country for investment purposes in these areas:

1). Telecommunication
2). Transport industry
3). Five star hotel
4). Real Estate
5) company enterprise,

If you can be of an assistance to me i will be pleased to offer to you 20% for the total sum.

Hoping to receive your immediate positive response,
Email me at   (jane11@citromail.hu )

Thanks and Remain blessed.
Sincerely .

Jane Dawson


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