Greetings to you from First City Bank.

from: “ocn.”
date: Sun, May 21, 2017 at 1:33 PM
subject: Greetings to you from First City Bank.

Attention: Beneficiary,

It is our modest obligation to write you this letter in regards to the authorization of your owed payment through our most respected financial institution (FIRST CITY BANK).

I am Mrs. Ashley Raymond, First City Bank Operating Manager. The US Government, in conjunction with the WORLD BANK, UNITED NATIONS GOVERNMENTS ORGANIZATION on foreign payment matters, has empowered our bank after much consultation and consideration, to handle all foreign payments and release them to their appropriate beneficiaries with the help of a representative from Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

As the newly appointed/accredited International Paying Bank, we have been instructed by the World Governing Bodies, together with the Committee on International Debt and the Board of Foreign Winnings, Inheritance and Contract Review Panel, to release your overdue funds with immediate effect.Having received this vital mail notification, you are instantly qualified to receive and confirm your payment with the United Nations immediately within the next 48hrs.

Be informed that we have verified your payment file as directed to us, and your name is next on the list of our outstanding fund beneficiaries to receive their payment. Be advised that because of too many funds beneficiaries due for payment, and you are entitled to receive the sum of US$8,500.000.00 (Eight million Five hundred thousand united states dollars). To facilitate the process of this transaction, please kindly re-confirm the following information below:

1) Your full Name and Address:
2) Mobile Number:
3) Profession, Age and Marital Status:
4) Your Nationality:

Upon our receipt of the above mentioned information, your payment will be processed and released to you without delays. Be also informed that you are required to discontinue further communication with any other person(s) or office so as to avoid distortion of data, you are required to provide the above information to your personal appointed account officer.

Personal account officer contact details:

Name: Robert E. Bennett, Jr.
Tel: +1 (850) 303-2451.

In order for your account officer to attend to you very fast we advice you to call him on above telephone number immediately you received this mail and forward all your details to him for immediate process and transfer of your fund into your account and ensure you adhered to his instructions to avoid any delay on processing of your fund transfer.

It is important you call your personal account officer as soon as you receive this message for more directives:

Yours Truly,

Mrs. Ashley Raymond.
First City Bank.
Operating manager.


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