from:    UNCC Attorney <info@compensation.uncc>
date:    Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 7:08 AM

Dear Email ID Owner.

The United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) is located in Villa La Pelouse within United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland. It was created in 1991 as a subsidiary organ of the United Nations Security Council under Security Council resolution 687 (1991) to process claims and pay compensation for losses and damage suffered as a direct result of Iraq’s unlawful invasion and occupation of Kuwait in 1990-91.

About 2.7 million claims, with an asserted value of $352.5 billion, were filed with the Commission. The Commission concluded claims-processing in 2005, and the total compensation awarded was $52.4 billion to approximately 1.5 million successful claimants. Nineteen Panels of Commissioners reviewed and evaluated the claims submitted by governments, international organizations, companies and individuals. The panels reported their recommendations to the Governing Council for approval.

To date, the Commission had paid out about $47.8 billion in compensation awards to successful claimants. There remains only one claim that has not been paid in full, with a balance of about $4.6 billion outstanding. This claim was for production and sales losses as a result of damages to Kuwait’s oil-field assets and represents the largest award by the Commission’s Governing Council.

So after our due and refine investigation, it was discovered that sum of $45,000.000.00 Million United States Dollars was Legally accrued to your name as the Bonfide Beneficiary.


Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
Phone at +234-8125-0739-22.

As a matter of urgency, please contact Mr. Ban Ki-Moon for more information because we expect your urgent confirmation and response to this email as directed to enable the United Nations Compensation Commission approved your payment sum of US$45 Million in your name and direct our paying bank in the Australia to pay you through Bank Remittance System.

Congratulation once more and I look forward to making the world a better place for you upon you contact Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon.

With Best Compliments,
Thanks from the UNCC 2017 Award Compensation Term.

Barrister Terry Mooredays.
UNCC Attorney Fund Release Order.



  1. Ulrich Rupe says:

    Mr. Nelson ADAMS as Foreign Remittance Manager of UNITED BANK OF AFRICA COTONOU

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