from: Mr. Marc Ahmat <>
reply-to: “Mr. Marc Ahmat” <>
date: Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 10:17 AM
subject: Notification

We regret to announce the mismanagement of beneficiaries fund by our appointed zonal managers, that is why this mail was sent to you. Please note that you are qualified to receive the payment of $950,000.00 ATM card.
Your email address was drawn automatically through an email ballot machine by WORLD BANK/IMF in respect to all the people who in past had unfinished transactions. Contact our ZONAL COORDINATOR to ensure that your ATM card is delivered to you at your place of residence.Please do send him your personal details such as:
Full Name:
Residence Address:
Age & Sex:
Telephone Number:
State of Origin:
Mr.Marc Ahmat

2 Responses to Notification

  1. Jayhan Pasco says:

    Full name: JAYHAN LUMIGOY PASCO. Residence Address: [redacted] SABAHIYA KUWAIT.

    Age:26 Sex: FEMALE Mobile number: +[redacted] State of origin,: Middle east KUWAIT.

    Thank you and GOD BLESS.

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