Attention And Greetings

from:    Micky Donlad <“www.”>
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date:    Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 4:38 AM
subject:    Attention And Greetings

Etchou Seto Gbodje Porto Novo
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Attention And Greetings

This is to report to you that our western union bureau have received a correspondence from the federal high court as cancellation notice for your funds transfer to be deleted from foreign payment file .
The western union management desires to inform you that your funds transfer with us has been programmed among the TOW  transactions that would face cancellation soon.

We have waited long time enough for you to fulfill the required obligations and claim the funds like other beneficiaries that have claimed their funds before (this month ending   ) but nothing comes up from you as indication from the funds owner.

the management of this western union held an urgent meeting in my office today, regards to the transferring of your funds by western union and they have asked my office to submit all the paper works and files containing your funds confidentiality but i refused and asked the board members to give me from now till 2 days time so that i consult you personally for you to declare your interest on the funds transfer.

Further more, you are advised to reply to this email( after reading, and feel free to tell us why you abandoned such huge amount here. let us know if you are no longer interested to complete your transaction.
Finally, if you still have the interest of being paid your funds by western union money transfer; you should kindly forward your receiver’s name and address including your phone number immediately
i am looking forward to your positive cooperation fairly soon.
Best regards.

Seto Gbodje Porto Novo Cotonou
Operation Manager Western union Benin Republic

This message is highly legit, if you think you received it by mistake please let us know.
Copying or duplicating  of this message is highly prohibited.


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