from:    MR. JACK JOHN <“www.”>
reply-to:    “MR. JACK JOHN” <>
date:    Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 3:46 PM
subject:    Attn


We officially want to inform you that an ATM Visa Card Valued at $2.5
Million USD only has been accredited in your favor by the Benin ATM
Card Organization, Republic of Benin.  The ATM Card has a daily
withdrawal limit of $9,000.00 USD Per Day from any ATM Card machine
in your country. You are advised to contact Mr Mohamed Ahmed via this
email for claim processing:

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed
UBA Bank
Phone: +2298214772

Note: arrangement can also be made in transferring of the awarded
fund ($2.5m USD) to your personal bank account OR delivering of your
ATM Card to your contact address.  Please provide the following
details for processing to Mr. Mohamed Ahmed

(1) Your Full Name=============
(2) Cell Phone Number======
(3) Current Home Address========
(4) Fax Number================
(5) Country====================
(6) City======================
(7) Nearest Airport ==============
(8) Next Of Kin Name===========
(9) Next Email Address==========
(10) NEXT CELL PHONE=======
(11) ANNUAL INCOME==============

Payment Mode:

1) Delivery of ATM Visa Card by courier : Yes/No
2) Bank to bank Transfer: Yes/No

Once again congratulation.


Mrs.Loretta Sanchez


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