reader Submission, no headers provided.

To [redacted]
CC [redacted] Today at 12:07 AM
Dear Beneficiary

Today we have discovered an abandoned metal suitcase with reg code#: JG1N8875BS originally scheduled to be delivered to you as a compensation by the agency foreign payment Department Lagos Nigeria. This Suitcase is a metal box when scanned by a forensic scanner was revealed to contain 100 dollars bills valued $2,316,000USD (Two Million, Three Hundred and Sixteen thousand United States dollars) which has been under Security surveillance for a number of days now.

You are therefore advised to make contact with Mr Roy Gold of the foreign Payment Department Compensation Center to assist you recover your Consignment box and deliver it to your home. You may contact him through his email:(foreign.department@yandex.com) to recover your Consignment or we will be compelled to list your Fund as an unclaimed consignment and maybe forfeited and moved to the United States Treasury Department for holding.

God Bless
Mr Roy Gold
Foreign Payment Department………..
Director of Delivery Operations


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