from: UBA Bank [“”]
reply-to: “” []
date: Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 2:48 PM

Dear Email ID Owner.

Our new payment system through ATM Card payment base is faster to all our customer that won payment donation in the past which your name is among/Submitted from USA Government.

If you have ATM dept card, visa card or master card in any bank in the worldwide, Your donation payment of US$1 Millions been delay with USA Government in the past will transfer direct into your ATM card account number without any upfront fee needed.

Our daily transfer limit is US$200,000.00 till the full payment sum of ONE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS is complete transferred into your personal ATM account in any bank in the world and know money is require from you in this matter as instructed from the new president of United States in to avoid scam.

If you are interested, Bellow is your ATM Account information needed before proceed the funds transfer into your ATM account number by 8AM on Monday 27th February 2017.

ATM Number: 16 digit code:…………..

Expiration Date:………………..

ATM Pin Code: ………………

Three Digit number in the back of your ATM CARD: ………….

ATM Account Holder :…………………

Holder Account full home address:………….
Holder Account Phone Numbers: ………………….

Make sure you forward all your ATM account information to for security.

And be hundred percent guarantee that all your ATM account information submitted to this bank is secure and safe from any rist online since USBANK N.A is concern.

And our ATM transfer manager will be proceed further in the transfer of your compensation fund to any ATM card information you provide to us before 48hours today.

Look forward to read from you soon.

Best Regards

Mr. Rafiq Bengali
Principal Officers
UBA Bank New York United States.


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