Attention My Dear

from: Mr Mark Alors [“www.”]
reply-to: Mr Mark Alors []
date: Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 2:38 PM
subject: Attention My Dear

You are welcome to DHL COURIER COMPANY LTD with world wide delivery at its
best. We are pleased to be at your service. DHL COURIER COMPANY LTD is
Regulated and Stipulated by the Delivery Service Authority(DSA),the
delivery institutions that REGULATES all delivery activities in Republic Du
Benin . This office has been Notified by your partner of Your ATM CARD
deposited in our company With code (8119) for the delivery to your
nominated as reconfirmed below.

This is to inform you that we have receive your mail now regarding your
VISA CREDIT CARD that was deposited in our company but there is no much
problem in this matter because i believe that all is alright now , thanks
for your kind respond and to avoid much delaying we received your email
very clear and well understood because we have your parcel of fund
deposited in our custody here by one ,Dr GIPSON OHMS from UNITED BANK OF
AFRICA on last month 25th 2017so we are very clear with your responding.

Secondly; as this mail is coming to you now we have recorded your address
and your phone number to our record file, and your ATM card left our office
in Benin on Monday and will arrive your home on Friday as we take you to
your tracking information below

Tracking Number: 2106431552

Note that the delivery to your address has been processed and will arrive
your home on Friday. However before you can be able to receive the card on
Friday you have from today till tomorrow Thursday to pay the only required
fee of US$200 so the card can be delivered to your address because without
that your card will stop on the road so for you to receive your card on
Friday you have to pay the US$200 today or tomorrow or you will lose the
card upon it arrival to your country,

is well ready to deliver to you but the only thing holding your ATM card
now is the sum of $200 which was made for our official keeping charges
because ,Dr GIPSON OHMS the depositor have paid us for the delivery fee and
the rest charges but the only thing you have to pay for is our official
keeping fee of $200

And be inform that immediately we receive this fee from you that your
parcel of your ATM card will get to your address on Friday as we urge you
to track it
Website: Tracking Number: 2106431552 and confirm the movement
to motivate you to remit the payment and also to prove to you that your
card is on the way until Friday so you are to send fee via money Gram Or
western union transfer with below instruction to make it faster to enable
us update your delivery man to go ahead and deliver on Friday with your
delivery at the same time.

Lastly; Be earlier inform that the more you delay to send this official
keeping fee is the more the fee is increasing so try send the $200, today
you have (48hrs) so that you can be able to receive your card on Friday
morning but if you fail to send it today or tomorrow morning you will not
receive the card again because it will be stopped so try and send the fee
today because you have until Thursday to send it ahead of Friday the
delivery date from our diplomatic agent.


Amount To Send; $200

PAYMENT DETAILS TO SEND TO US. Money transfer control number (MTCN) Senders
Name Senders address. MODE OF DIPLOMATIC DELIVERY. As soon as we Receive
the official keeping charges of $200,Our international Diplomat agent will
Arrive your home on Friday with your package.

Our Diplomat agent will call you on his arrival to your country to hand
over your card to you? EMAIL US [ ]

Yours sincerely,


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