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43 Bradford Road


Legal Reg: No. 2006/060924/23

Welcome To Money Link

The single biggest challenge facing individual and enterprises in South Africa today is accessing the
funding they need to help them capitalize on the growth opportunities that present themselves.
Money Link offers business loan, home loan, personal loans and debt consolidation products that enable
the responsible use of credit as part of a structured financial plan at 6% interest rate. Too many South
Africans fall prey to debt traps as a result of ill-informed financial decisions. Products such as multiple
and payday loans can very quickly lead to crippling debt. Loans taken from unscrupulous lenders aren’t
usually designed around a customer’s unique financial situation and have high repayments and high
interest rate; we assist contractors/farmers to acquire their own machineries.

Straight forward application process.
Cash deposited directly into your bank account if you qualify.
Benefits to Money Link

There are many benefits to Money Link, they include:

The transaction is easy, private and you apply from the comfort and privacy of your home or offices. Our
loan process is conducted securely online. Loans deliver as fast as the next business day.
Who Qualifies For A Loan?

You must be self/permanently employed or employed under a fixed term
contract you must earn a net salary of at least R2 000 a month.
Loan Repayment Schedule

Kindly forward the following details: full name, ID number, email address, occupation, contact telephone
number, residential address, monthly income and type of loan to moneylink.za@cash4u.com

Zelda L. Brown
Admin Consultant
Bedford view
South Africa


2 Responses to (no subject)

  1. Benita Gammelin says:

    What to do if all your details has been sent to this person??? PLEASE HELP?

    • Notify your banks and let them know what happened. They will probably issue you new bank account numbers. Keep an eye on your equifax score for a year or two, to be sure your identity hasn’t been stolen and debts aren’t incurred with your name.

      And don’t be stupid next time. Random money does NOT fall from the sky.

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