The World Ambassadors To Unicef. Undd, United Nations

Can you possibly believe anything said by  a man with a name like Kingsley Mamabolo?

from: Ambassador Kingsley Mamabolo [“Ambassador.”]
reply-to: Ambassador Kingsley Mamabolo []
date: Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 9:32 PM
subject: The World Ambassadors To Unicef. Undd, United Nations

Hello Dear Beneficiary

How Are You Doing Today, Am Ambassador Kingsley Mamabolo United Nations, I Am Very Excited To Inform You That I Shall Be Representing U.S Ambassador In A General Financial Business Resort (Gatherings) Summit With Some Very Important Personalities (V.I.P) Of Other Countries Of The World Concerning The Present Global Economic Crisis And The High Rate Of Unemployment And The Meeting Shall Be Hold In United Nations Head Office In New York United State.

I Know It’s Not Mandatory That You Must Come From This Very City Or Country But All Am Saying Is That As Personal Assistant/ Adviser To The United Nations Organization I Shall Make Sure That All Unreleased Wining, Compensations And Contract Fund Shall Be Declare Release Immediately To The Beneficiary Accordingly With Immediate Effect As The Payment Has Been Delayed. According To My File Verification I Found Your Name Among The List Of People Who Have Not Yet Receive Their Wining, Compensation Or Contract Fund, I Can Assure You Of Getting Your Fund After The Meeting Is Been Hold As I Know Personal As United Nations Ambassador That If You Receive Your Fund Valued For The Sum Of ($4 Million Us Dollars)It Will Help Bring Down The Rate Of Economic Crisis Going On At The Moment Round The Global World So Its The Major Reason Of This Very Important Meeting, I Shall Be Representing U.S Ambassador To Help You Receive Your Us$4 Million Usd Immediately.

The World Ambassadors To Unicef. Undd, United Nations, Imf, Has Agreed To Help You Get Your Long Awaited Fund By Authorizing The Paying Courier Or Banks To Release The Fund To Me Personal So I Can Deliver The Fund To You With My Un Ambassador Passport To Ensure No Delay, After The Meeting I Shall Bring Your Package/Consignment Which Contains A Cash Worth Sum Of $4m Along With Me So Stop Dealing With Whom Ever Is Attempting To Deceive You About Receiving Your Fund As United Nations Have Taken Full Charge Of Delivery Your Fund.

So As Soon As The Meeting Is Over I Will Be Coming Directly To Your House By Myself. (Mistake Is Absolutely Not Accepted, Reconfirm The Address Where You Want The Package To Be Delivered And The Nearest Airport To Your City Of Residence Also I Need Your Cell Phone Number To Enable Me Call You Also A Copy Of Your Id Or Driver License Is Needed For Identification Purpose As Its Most Be Presented To Me Before The Fund Final Hand Over To You As The Beneficiary.

I Have Ensure That All The Ambassadors Pleaded On Your Behalf For Your Package Consisting Of Your Fund To Be Release To Me For Immediate Delivering To You By Myself Which Has Been Approved And Shall Be Signed In Our Office In New York At Our Headquarter After The Meeting. The Payment Approval Documents Have Been Acquired For The Smooth Delivery Of Your Package Mean While This Is Your File Number (Unapo101-Unhny1) Use It As Subject While Responding To This Mail Do Not Forget It As It’S Very Important.

Yours Sincerely,
Ambassador Kingsley Mamabolo (Un)
+1 (830) 468 4803


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