payment of US$12.5 Millions

Also may have a subject line of “Donation payment of US$12.5 Millions”

Received three copies of this nonsense today.

This “Harold Diamond” has become one of the more prolific and annoying scammers. Hopefully he’ll burn out soon.  Many versions of his scam are here.

from: Cross Key Bank []
reply-to: Cross Key Bank []
date: Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 1:34 PM
subject: payment of US$12.5 Millions

DATE: 2/9/2017

To: Beneficiary Email ID.

The management of Cross Keys Bank Saint Joseph, Louisiana United States like to officially acknowledged receipt of the order from Mr. Harold Diamond, The Mega Millions Jackpot of USD$326 Million Program and tell you today that your donation payment of US$12.5 Million application has just been approved with our bank for immediate payment to you by bank to bank wire transfer direct to any of your personal bank information you provide to us.

Therefore, your donation payment of US$12.5 Million from Mr. Harold Diamond is ready in draft check today and we hereby advise you to quickly reconfirm your full bank information to this bank before proceed with the claim process of donation payment on your behalf, And this is to avoid any mistake as we are not be responsible for any lost of fund and to enable the management of this bank facilitate the smooth release of your fund into your account successfully.


Bank Name:

Bank Address:

Account Number

Routing No.

Swift Code:

Account Holder Name:

Beneficiary Account home address:

Beneficiary Account phone Numbers:

Dr. Michael Vizard also always receive text message at +1 (318) 581 4783 for bank business. You can text him once you sent him mail message to avoid fraud.

And if we receive your bank information from you today, we will transfer your payment ( US$12.5 Million ) to your bank details before we close office and the funds will reflect in 24hours after the Transfer.

Therefore, let us know your bank information as requested in this mail message before 12hours today to able our fund remittance department process your funds transfer today and get to you with further information.

So my bank working ID Card is attached to avoid to avoid scam or double mind in this transaction.

Waiting for your reply soon.


Dr. Michael R. Vizard,
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Cross Keys Bank
307 Plank Rd. Saint Joseph,
Louisiana 71366 United States of America
phone:.. +1 318 485 8820
Mobile:. +1 318 309 7753.
Fax/Text sms : +.1 318 581 4783 only


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