My Dear,From Barrister Kabila,

from: Mr,Barrister Kabila [“www.”]
reply-to: “Mr,Barrister Kabila” []
date: Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 11:42 AM
subject: My Dear,From Barrister Kabila,

My Dear,From Barrister Kabila

how are you doing today? Am a senior Barrister to Benin Republic IMF am contacting you regarding the unfinished Transaction which you have with Mr.Jeffery because you did not receive your Fund from Mr.Jeffery Adams the IMF Benin Republic now concluded to deliver the Fund to you in Cash thruogh our diplomatic agent and we will need to hear from you before our agent dispatch from this Country to your destination tomorrow morning with your consignment box that contens $23.5MillionUSD

we want you to reconfirm the below information to enbale the Agent deliver the Fund to you without wrong Address, get back to us if this below information is not your’s because our agent will be leaving this Country tomorrow morning once we hear from you,

Your Residential address…….
Your country City Swift code…..
Your city postal code….
Your direct phone No….

be inform that once our agent arrive to your Country Airport he will call you to meet him at the Airport in other for you to Clear the consignment Box for him before he can be able to complete his deliverring to your doorstep, Make sure you follow his instrucations once he call you on phone, get back to us if this above information is not your’s so that we will know the current Address because our agent will dispatch from this Country tomorrow morning to your Country.

E-mail: (

Mr,Barrister Kabila


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