Dear customer:

from: david williams [“www.”]
reply-to: david williams []
date: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 1:18 PM
subject: Dear customer:

Dear customer:

This is Mr david williams from western union Head office here in
Benin Du Republic.
We presently send your first payment of $5000 this morning from our
office, so you are requested to contact us now with full information
where you want your first payment to be transfer to you without any
further Daley,

(1)Your fullname,
(2)Your country,
(3)Your city,
(4) Your Occup,
(5) Your phone number,

and also send us an emai:
,call us at +229_99083628
so we can do the normal procedure on your first $5000 payment which is
activating the file to enable you pick up your money at any western
union office around you.
Thanks and call me now for the processing.
Best Regards Mr david williams
Western union Head office BENIN Du REPUBLIC


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