International Monetary Fund (IMF)

from: Mr. Jim Ibori [“www.”]
reply-to: “Mr. Jim Ibori” []
date: Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 5:28 AM
subject: International Monetary Fund (IMF)

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Headquarters: Washington, D.C, United States

Attention Dear,

Greetings From International Monetary Fund (IMF) and United States Integration, am hereby to inform you that an alert came to us today from United Nation Official through the help of Federal Bureau of Investigation {FBI} here in United States. And according to the reporter, World bank organization together with United State Embassy Benin Republic, have approved to compensate 20 lucky beneficiaries as a scam victim the sum of $1.5m, and your email address was found among the 10 lucky beneficiaries, meanwhile the fund will be release this week as soon as the beneficiary meet up/comply with the instruction/requirements such as your personal information and your receiving method because we have Two option listed down here.

Here is the information’s we expecting from you today.

Your full name………….
Your Country/state………
occupation/ID Card………
Cell/Fax Phone numbers…..

Secondly the law stated that every beneficiary will take care of the expense base on your favorable means of receiving as listed here and it’s the law gilding the offer. Finally this compensate have a terminal date therefore any beneficiary who refuse or delayed to comply earlier, will definitely miss his/her fund and it’s just one week’s guarantee as directed. Thanks l will stop here till l hear from you

Here are the two means of receiving the fund you can choose one among the two options and get back to me.

(1) Bank To Bank Wire Transfer guarantee of two days It will cost You Just $185
(2) By ATM CARD means of courier delivery it will cost You Just $145

All the beneficiary is expected to send the fee to United State Embassy Benin Republic Through Western Union/Money Gram for Fund Release Permit.

Below is the United State Embassy Benin Republic Receiver.

Receiver Name: ERIC EZE
Country: Benin Republic
City: Cotonou
Test Question: when
Answer: Now


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