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date: Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 2:06 AM

OUR REF.CODE: BSEL/773/AWN/021/09:
Email Us: {}
Call Office Line At +229 98136164
Greeting From African Union.

Please my dear the Entire High Court Of African Union (AU) Benin
Republic are here to make it clear to you that
there was a case that was been handled in this Union since September
4th 2016 concerning your funds because we got
some reports that you did not received your funds since after every
story you hear regarding the funds and all type
of payments you paid to receive the funds but none is received by
you.And we are hereby to know the truth because
the person that is in charge of the transaction said in this court
here that you have received your funds and
confirmed to him that you received your funds.
Please we are here to hear the truth from you, because according to
the president of this country barrister;Richard Morris
talon, he told us that you did not receive your funds since last year,
he stated that his office did not have your
name in file of those who received their funds from Benin Republic.
Please, below is what we want you to answer to
enable us to handle this case normal

(1)Do you receive any money from Africa…………?.
(2)If you received money from Africa, how much………….?
(3)Through which way, bank or courier do you received the money from.?
(4)Is it true that you received money through western union …….?
(5)In which date or year…………………..?
(6)Which authority approve the file ………….?

Moreover, the only amount found as your funds $5.500 000.00USD Million
through your names, address and contact
mobile details in which we have with us here that proved to us you are
the really owner of the said unclaimed
So you are advice to update this court the way you wish whether you
will come down in person to collect your fund
yourself. And you should re-confirm your full information to this HIGH
COURT as to proof to us that really you are
the case client for us to close check with the information we have
with us here in monitoring searchlight system.

A…Your full Name…..
B…Your home address…..
C…Telephone number……….
D…Your occupation………….
E…Country……………… …..
F..your international passport/or drivers license /or state I.D

Also forward the major e-mail they used to scam you because we need it
for more investigation in other to make sure
that we get them arrested.I mean their names, their emails, their
phone numbers and office addresses.
According to our programs and constitutions, you are advise to come
down to this country Benin Republic to appear
before this court and sign proper paper and collect your funds from us
hand to hand. The reason why we advice you
to come down in person to collect your fund yourself is because many
Peoples were complaining about Fraudsters
every day from Benin Republic and we are trying to stop this
fraudulent act from Benin Republic and assuring you
that it will stop because we are now working with the IP operations
and as well with FBI.
As soon as you comply with your full contact information requested, we
will forward everything to the Benin
presidency office to issue out your funds certificate as the rightful
beneficiary.Get back to us regarding your
funds to be made available to you in any way you wish.
if you are unable to come down to Benin Republic to sign the papers
and collects your funds in hand then you will
be required to pay for the None-Residence Minister Imprinter who will
stand/sign on your behalf. the Minister
Imprinter sign out your fund certificate as the rightful beneficiary,
to avoid any doubt you are advised to come
down to Benin Republic.
Bear it in mind that you will pay for None-Residence Minister
Imprinter Or if you have somebody whom you trusted
you may send him /her to come and get your $5.500,000.00USD Million on
your behalf and try to inform him/her to
come to this office to sign or you pay for the None-Residence Minister
Imprinter who will stand/sign on your behalf
because is mandated according to the instruction.Do not delay because
there is no time to be wasting any more since
your case has been issued to treat on this month. Without wasting
time, if you choose to send for the Minister
Imprinter fee, meaning you should request for info details.
therefore we are waiting to hear from you as soon as possible today or
the date of your coming.
Try to comply as soon as because every necessary arrangement has been
made already.

barrister justice huck morgan.
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