Good Day:Dear Customer.

from: MR.DENNIS WEST. [“www.”]
reply-to: “MR.DENNIS WEST.” []
date: Sat, Dec 3, 2016 at 8:29 PM
subject: Good Day:Dear Customer.

Good Day:Dear Customer.

I am Mr. Dennis West,I am writing to you due to Our Formal Manager was
pasted away last week,I was appointed as a New Manager in this western
union,I went through our office payment files and find out that you have a
fund sum of $1,500,000.00 here in our custody .I later observed that you
need to comply with activation/transfer fee sum of $150 in order to starts
receives your payment. The Reason I am writing to you,I have sum amount of
money at hand to assist you to complete your transaction here in our
custody. but the amount is not yet completed at my hand and secondly you
have to assure me that after I assisted you on this transaction, so when you
receive your first installation you will refund my money back to me.The
reason why I want to assist you out of this transaction,if this fund last
for more than one month here, it will transferred into Government
treasure.send all your Receiver Details to us in this (
Am looking forward to hear from you,so that we
shall starts processing your transfer with sum of $5000.00 each MTCN and you
will allowed to received only three installation payments per day .

Thanks and God bless,
Mr.Dennis West.
Foreign Operation Manager.


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