Attention Please

from: Mrs Sudra Ella [“Dr.victoradam.”]
reply-to: Mrs Sudra Ella []
date: Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 10:56 AM
subject: Attention Please

Track a Transfer­­

Current Status: the new President of Benin Republic,Mr.Patrice Talon,was announced yesterday, in National Assemble, to Compensate 28 foreigner people,those that failed into scam victims, with the total sum of $4.800,000,00,while your own name was among listed to be paid, and he was also, gave Money Gram board of prestige instruction for the payment, moreover,$10,000,00, has already been registered in Money Gram office,out of $4.8M.

Note/, what we needed right now from you, is your full details information,such as your full name,Address,Country,State,Cit­y, and direct phone number,to enable us release you the first payment of $10,000,00,today, MTCN#:837:948:98,point of order,your first MTCN is available right now to be pick it up, for any Money Gram, around your City.

But,the money transfer is ready to be picked up at an Agent location in your Receiver’s area. Service, but is on hold now,because,you need to send $126,00,for your Transfer Access Activation Code,before you can able to picked up the $10,000,00, Please, to provide more information and complete the transfer upon receipt the charges,

Hon.Morgan Anderson
Director Money Gram Office
Money Transfer, Benin Republic
Phone No: +22998545228


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