Attn my dear beloved in Christ.

from: Pastor smith kewell. [“WWW.”]
reply-to: “Pastor smith kewell.” []
date: Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 2:03 PM
subject: Attn my dear beloved in Christ.

Attn my dear beloved in Christ.
Greetings to you, I received your message and understand that
you have been giving instruction by a one miss Monica smith to contact me in
the respect of a bank check valued $300,000.00USD left with me on your behalf.
Meanwhile, i just talk with the postal mail delivery service here consigning
the delivery and he explained to me that it is going to take only 9 workings
days for the arrival and was going to cost only $55 for the cost of sending
it. Below is information requested from you to enable me registered your your
package with them immediately

Full name
Full address
Current telephone number
Copy of ID

please respond ASAP and confirm this information with me. You can as well send
the required $55 to my full name and address via western union or money gram
money transfer

Name. Pastor smith kewell
City. Abidjan
Country. Cфte d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast

I will be waiting to receive the transfer information from you together with
the needed information to enable us conclude this noble delivery once and for
all. Thank you and God bless

Yours in the service
Pastor smith kewell.


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