From ECOWAS World-Wide Banks Through The Federal Ministry Of Finance Cotonou – Benin Du’ Republic.

from: Treasury Department
reply-to: Treasury Department
date: Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 3:48 PM
subject: From ECOWAS World-Wide Banks Through The Federal Ministry Of Finance Cotonou – Benin Du’ Republic.

This is Miss Julie Gideon, the currency controlling management officer in charge of International wire transfers from ECOWAS world-wide banks through the Federal Ministry of Finance Cotonou – Benin Du’ Republic.

We’re here to inform you that your “funds transaction file” was brought to my desk this morning as the board directors & management of the ECOWAS / Pan-African Banks and their offshore foreign correspondent bank management in-charge of your fund transfer have declared to divert your fund into the government treasury account just because you were unable to pay a wire transfer charges fee of your deposited/inheritance fund.

In my wise reasoning to this complaint, I told them to wait until I hear from you so that i will know the reason why you decided to reject such amount of money worth Millions of American (USD) which is your legal overdue inheritance payment right just because of the transfer fees.

I sent you this message base on the fact that this very fund which the Bank and Managements want to divert belongs to you and it’s your sweat… As matter of fact, you still have a last chance to claim your fund if you can send your reply across to this office which will enable us arrange an ATM Wire transfer to you but failure in doing so, I will allow them to have power over your fund as I will be very sorry if you fail to comply with this last chance from my Desk.

I want you to quickly send your full names and your mobile telephone numbers together with your contact home address if you still want the transfer to you this weekend (Via) “Visa ATM Card” in less than 72 hrs…
Kindly indicate your interest in receiving your funds as I have stated above and the funds will be released to you without any hitch.

Remember that I have done my best for you as to make sure that your wire transfer release begins the moment we confirm your mail response to this honorable office. Don’t fail to call on us through this hot-line +229-993-73167 when you have sent us a message.

With Thanks.
Julie Ulli Gideon.(Miss)
Doctor Dogood Mercedes. (Rev.)
ECOWAS World-Wide Treasury Department,
International Wire Transfers – Federal Ministry of Finance,
Benin Du’ Republic.
Telephone: +229-993-73167.


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