from: Mrs Mary Akuna
reply-to: Mrs Mary Akuna
date: Sat, Nov 12, 2016 at 6:31 AM

Attention Please!!!

I am Mrs Mary Akuna from DHL courier company Benin.We received an email from one Mrs.Rachael Raymond who presented a telephone number with a resident address, saying that you gave her the power of attorney to make your claims of your PACKAGED CONSIGNMENT BOX CASE Valued of $7.5Million United State Dollars.

She further said that you are very sick in the hospital bed and that you gave her the power of attorney to claim your winning funds on your behalf with this DHL courier company Benin. Is this information correct?, Please get back to this office,We wait for your response,please be fast on this matter respond back to us immediately,If we do not hear from you, then we will assume her story is correct and we will have no other option than to courier your package to her instead.Please try to get back to us immediately you get this email message before we instruct her to pay for the required charges and have your CONSIGNMENT BOX CASE released to her immediately.We don’t want to make any mistakes with your funds.

Below is the information she gave to this office instructing us to courier your Package to her address as stated below.

Name: Mrs. Rachael Raymond
Address: 80 west 170th, apt c4 Bronx, Florida 10452. USA

Your urgent response will be highly appreciated. Feel free to contact us you are inform by contacting us such as:

Your Full Name…………………
Your Country…………………..
Your State…………………….
Your Home Address………………
Your Direct Telephone…………..
Your Nearest Airport……………

Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.You are also advised NOT to accept any E-mail or a telephone call that does not come from this office as this is to forestall new efforts towards a diversion of your payment the amount of $7.5Million United State Dollars.

Accept our congratulations in advance.

Best Regards,
FROM: Mrs Mary Akuna, DHL courier company Benin



  1. Manuel Tingzon says:

    Dear, No I did not give any power of attorney ,please don’t touch them to avoid complications

    Sent from my iPad


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