Mrs Pamela James

Reader submission.  No Headers provided

Dearest in Christ,

I want you to know that am right here lying on the sick bed at the hospital waiting for the lord’s call but i really want this mission to be well accomplished by the God sent Angel who will be doing this on my behalf which is you so,this are the information’s you need to forward to the Security Company because when the fund was deposited they gave me this secret details should in case I want to withdraw it for security purpose for them to identify my consignment which is the fund .

And make sure you follow any instruction given to you by the security company so my fund can be transferred to you with ease, okay My dear I want you to use my fund for the said purpose of helping the less privilege ones and other charity organization, e.g schools, churches, orphanage homes, hospitals e.t.c . All I need from you is trust and faith to assure me that you will surely use my fund for the said purpose.

The information’s below I am giving and releasing this vital and secret details of mine to you with trust and confidence cos I have gotten you as my next of kin to do this faithful work for God and subsequently to Human.

Depositors Name: Mrs. Pamela James
Batch no: 66840090040
Year Deposited: 2001
Secret Question: Who is Depositor
Answer: Mrs. Pamela James
Security Code: 90600040020

The above are the information’s you need to forward to the security company and send them your full name address and contact phone numbers so that when they approve you to receive the fund they will get in touch with you .So contact with their information’s below.

Company Name : Citi Securities Revenue

Chief Finance Officer
Managing Director: DR.Lazlo Motill
Manager Email Address:

My dearest one in Christ, please contact the security company and the manager with the above information’s and please make sure you send your mobile number to them for easy communications ,keep me updated as soon as they transfer the fund to you.And don’t get carried away by this amount,its just money,its not half as good as good name.

Lastly,i have attached and entrust my pictures, so make sure the pictures is been attached when contacting the security company for you to be recognized as my newly elected next of kin in claiming my fund for the said purpose more so,my fund is a legit fund which hold nothing against the law and am putting you in position of claiming my fund due to the reason that i have limited time to live on this earth and i will prefer my money been used for the will of God.

God bless you

Mrs.Pamela James


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