winner on our 2016. Mobile Draw

Official Coca-Cola response

Other Coca-Cola lottery scams.

Reader submission. No Headers provided



We acknowledge the receipt of your email and it’s content noted.

We congratulate you on behalf of the Board/Management Coca-Cola UK Promotional Award Unit for emerging a winner on our 2016. Mobile Draw. We are in receipt of your provided delivery information. We emerged you as one of the lucky Mobile Draws winner for this year’s Coca-Cola UK Mobile Draws Promo, This is to inform you that your winning Prize £520,000.00GBP Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds only. (Rs.5,00,00,000/-) Five Crore Rupees. Has been verified and approved for payment by this Department and also approved for delivery/pick-up.

Your Parcel Containing your Demand Draft of £520,000.00GBP One Million Great British Pounds Only.(Rs.5,00,00,000/-) Five Crore Rupees.Will arrive Indian. Tomorrow morning. Monday 11th July 2016. By Our Senior Special Delivery Representative Mr.Mark Allen.

Important Notice: Note that you are to open the attach files and read carefully.

Note that upon the arrival of your parcel to Indian. You will be required to make a deposit of Rs.25,000/- Being the required charges for the Airport Clearance and registration of your parcel. To enable your parcel be registered by the Airport authorities after which they will issue a dispatch approval stamp and release to our delivery Agent/representative for delivery to your designated home address without further delay.

Note that upon the arrival of our special delivery Agent/representative (Mr.Mark Allen). He will be making contact with you via your mobile number and provide you with information’s on how you are to make the required parcel Clearance/registration charges.Note that payment of the required parcel Clearance/registration charges of Rs.25,000/- Only. Is quite important and necessary to facilitate the Clearance/registration process of your parcel.And without the confirmation of your payment receipt be authorities will not proceed further on the Clearance/registration of your parcel.

You are also advised to contact our deliver agent. Mr.Mark Allen. Via Email: ( And send Scan copies of your Id Proof for verification and proper identification.

Note that you are advised to open the attached Files/documents and read carefully for full details.

Do not hesitate to contact this office via telephone or email if the need arises. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your Consignment Code:02-050PR442-RSPT confidential until your has been delivered to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of your parcel. Please be warned!!!

Best Regards,
Dr. Desmond Harry
Coordinator ).

Direct Line: +44-701-002-4083




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