Hello Owner package

from:    larry loud
reply-to:    dhl.courier.service@citromail.hu
bcc:    [redacted]
date:    Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 3:57 AM
subject:    Hello Owner package

Hello Owner package,

My name is Eric John, I am the delivery man from DHL Express Service
Point and Logistic company Worldwide. I have two packages Atm Card
of$2.7M usd here that i need to deliver to your address.

The packages have Military tags on them and i need to confirm
your address before i can proceed with delivery,i need your full
address for record matching.

Please i would advise you get back to me soon to enable me complete
your delivery after confirming you as the rightful owner i have paid
for the Delivery fee.

The only fee you have to pay is their Release Permit fee only.

Contact Email: dhl.courier.service
Director.Eric John.
FT&LMTD 12 Buttercup Square,
Greater Leys, OXFORD, OX4 7XU,Worldwide.

Larry Loud.


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