Job Offer !!!

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After responding to the ad, the victim receives an employment packet containing a training assignment, a list of products to purchase at different stores and a realistic-looking cashiers check, often for $2,000 to $4,000.

The training assignment is to deposit the check into the victims bank account, pose as a shopper and then use wire transfer to send the balance of the checks proceeds (minus the cost of the purchases and the consumers salary) to an address outside the United States, often in Canada.

The problem is that the check is fake; so when it bounces which occurs after the money is wired the consumer is accountable (in some cases, criminally) to the bank for the entire amount of the fake check, plus additional penalty fees. Also, in some instances, consumers are asked for personal bank account information. The company will then deposit money into their account for payment and funds with which to perform their Secret Shopper tasks. These victims often then become victims of identity theft.

Sent: Friday, September 12, 2014 9:06 AM
Subject: Job Offer !!!

Service Survey Specialist involves evaluating and commenting on customer service, undetected, in a wide variety of stores and outlets. The reports provide business with unbiased reviews from a customer standpoint. This allows businesses to identify problems which might result in unhappy customers and loss of sales. Service Survey Specialist have a great responsibility and are paid accordingly. As a Service Survey Specialist, you will have a flexible schedule and hours since it is a part time program.

Your commission per task is $200.00. Payment in form of a certified check will be sent to you for each task. This is a legitimate position. If interested, provide the following details:

Full Name:
Full Mailing Address (City,State and Zip Code ):
Cell Phone #(s):
Present Occupation (If ANY) :

We are well registered by the appropriate authorities and we are licensed to operate under legal and licensed organization of the better business bureau, working with our company guarantee’s you a safe relationship and licensed establishment.


Jennifer Stith
Hiring Manager
Evergreen Group LLC
2372 Morse Ave
Irvine, CA 92614

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