My Dearest, Please Contact This Bank On How To Make The Money Transfer Ok.‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏

Reader submission.

Reader comment: This email i have received this is 3rd email i have received even Snaps also received please be aware of these peoples.

From: Sonia Samuel
Date: Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 3:48 AM
Subject: My Dearest, Please Contact This Bank On How To Make The Money Transfer Ok.‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏
To: “”

Okay My dear. Thanks for your reply to my mail today, meanwhile I feel much glad to know who you are my love, I look forward to see you face to face, and I want you to know it is not by our power but by God grace and his will that we most know our self’s to the extent like this which i thank God for your life because you are the kind of person I am looking forward to shear my life secret with.

Please i did not speak this to anyone except you, i mean about the existence of this money and would like you please keep it secret from your friends and other people around you because since it is ( Money ) all eyes will be on it. am using church and rev, fathers office computer/system to read and write back to you, Remember, I trust you before giving you all this information.

Reverend father, David Jones have accepted to help me with his phone number for me to give it to you, if you want to call me then you can use it and call me for us to talk more with over there Ok ? While I will like to hear your voice, please you can call the Rev father, phone number it is this +221 770 325 368. My camp official identification number is 04073, at women’s hostel, room 104 for it to be easier for the reverend father to send for me at women’s hostel. I only have the right to answer your call at his office from Mondays to Saturdays at 14 GMT to 18 GMT time, please call me and ask any questions you want to ask me and i will answer you Ok.

I have informed the bank about you and for you to stand and act on my behalf due to my refugee status and the law of this country, what I want you to do for me now is to step forward as my foreign partner which they have known and waiting for your mail transfer request, so that the money will be transfer in your account there for me, as i told you that i have all the necessary information to back you up at the bank Ok.

My love I will sincerely give you 20% of the total money and 5% for any expenses that may occur in this transfer, if there will be any, and the rest of the money will be used for any investment preferred by you there you are standing for mine good while i will be forwarding my study immediately i arrive in there. The bank’s contact information is as it follows,


Contact person; Mr,Scot E Andrews Director Foreign Operations Department. Email ; ( OR ( Tel +447031851576 ; +447031899671 ; Fax: +44-870495-5889. Head Office ; 28 Canada Square Canary 3rd Fl., 4Harbour Exchange Square, London E14 9GE, UK)

My late Fathers account information is as it follows:

Account holders; Dr. Samuel Benjamin A/C.Account No ; 0824830029. Amount ; ( $ 6,5 M.six Million five Hundred Thousand Dollars ) Next of kin ; Miss, Sonia Samuel Nationality ; Ivory Coast.

My love, i will be much glad to hear that you have been in contact with the bank today after reading this mail on how to get the transfer of $ 6.5 million US Dollars deposited by my late father of which i am the next of kin to the deposit which you will send sum money from the fund after the transfer for me to prepare my travel documents to meet with you for better and new life with you there. Please let me know immediately you contact the bank Ok.

I will be waiting and expecting for your soonest response with good news regarding how you have gone with the bank Ok. may God bless you as you cares for me my dear.

Yours Sincerely Sonia.


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