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Hello, I am Phillip Marshall,a U.S Citizen, Working Under NATO/United Nation Syria Organization,also i am the leader of the Bravo team sent to Syria for a peace keeping mission., as the on going war in Syria, i was paid the sum of US $2,000.000 (Two million United States Dollars), because i was one of the top officialthat control the NATO/ United Nation Army, during the war against Basharal-Assad president of Syria, I lost many men and right now am in the Desert Camp in Syria, here and i kept my money in a Safe box, in  my office here, and Pad Locked it. In this regards, there is Crisis  here in Syria, due  to my positionnow, there is no trusted someone that can safe keep this box of money here for me, and if i should keep it here and go out for patrol, i may lose the box as Homs Syria, is hot due to Crisis, there is No Bank here in the Army Camp were i am, to make a transferout, i just need someone who i can trust and believe on, i have my funds, that i came along, which nobody knows of it, and i don’t want the government of Syria/United State(U.S) to know about my funds here so that they will not put their eye on my hard earn money, so  therefore I want to inquire from you, a good and profitable investment we can operate on with my funds for investment in your country need you to be my local partner for an investment of US$2million, Please  get back to me if you can partnership with me to handle this investmentin your country as my investor because i don’t know what might happennext to me.Due to security network in Syria and to avoid phone call destination trace, by Bashar al-Assad there will be no telecommunication between us for both our safety, all communication betweenus will be on writing. I will find time to check my email more often but if you should feel of any need to speak with me over the phone, my U.S number is on roaming and you can call me on +15022194612Please if this proposal is acceptable by you,kindly respond back to me for more details through  my private Thanks,Col Phillip Marshall


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