Hello.Mr.Owen .E. Walker,
Dear sir, i am —— from ——
Am representing Miss Shan Bout for the transfer claim.
Sir, I am writing this latter in respect of Miss Shan Bout which i believe she have informed you about me whose father is : Dr Kenneth Bout.deposited ( $8.6 million Dollars ) with your bank which Miss Shan Bout is the next of kin/sole beneficiary.
Sir i demand that you kindly give me every attention / information’s needed for the transfer claim on her behalf .

Sir I require your kind attention to let me know the procedures of transferring the said fund to my bank account.
What do i have to do sir ? Hence I’m standing as her foreign partner/trustee for the claim to receive the said fund on her behalf.
Sir I will like you to reply to my address
Once again thank you for your co-operation


Citibank United kingdom London

Email address….. ( )

His father name is Dr Kenneth Bout and his account number is AJ745008901546/CB/91/A. She has given me full authority to handle those funds on her behalf and she also told you about this. So please tell me what formalities I have to make for transferring her late father’s funds in my account here in my country.

Thanks and hoping to hear from you soonest

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Shan


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