Email: Dr Jim Yong Kim
Reference Number: 9-11-13-19-37-3-4
Tel. +447937424423


I am Dr Jim Yong Kim, Bill and Exchange Manager/ Secretary General, Head of the World Bank Finance Group, London Branch set up to fight against scam and fraudulent activities worldwide. This Group is responsible for investigating the legitimacy of unpaid contract, inheritance and lotto winning claims by companies and individuals and directs the paying authorities (Banks) worldwide to make immediate payment of verified claims to the beneficiaries without further delay.

You are being legally contacted regarding the release of your long awaited fund. After a detailed review of your file, the World Bank Group has mandated that your fund should be release immediately. The sum of £500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds only) has been approved in your favour via my desk. I therefore wish to inform you that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter.


4 Responses to WORLD BANK LONDON

  1. Rituraj Borah says:

    Yes I got this mail right now. What to do.

  2. Meghaban Tokbi says:

    i too got this mail on august 15 2017,what to do

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