Secretary us department of homeland security‏

From: Jeh Charles Johnson <ww.>
Date: Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 10:57 PM
Subject: Secretary us department of homeland security‏

Attention. ,

I assumed office on December 23, 2013 and after the oath of office the audit
crew brought a check meant for your payment confirming to be your African
won-compensation funds which was in our custody here since before my assumption
in office for verification and investigation for the fight against fraudulent
and it related criminal activities according to report on the file I met here in
the office as of the secretary home land security , and the crew confirmed that
the investigation on the check was concluded since while ago but the check is
still here because they found it difficult to locate you while the check is
endangering to expire, and I instructed the bank to cash the check and boxed the
monies on the tone of $4,500,000.00 and bring it to our custody to protect
against expiry ,the investigation crew reconfirm that the check is a legal
refunds from African confirming to be your inheritance won compensation as a
scam victim.

This resulted of the funds belonging o you is the from random selection done by
the united nation human right wing, Global Economic Recovery program with their
counterpart the NNPC Nigeria and Ecowas to assist scam victims who lost funds to
Nigerian and African scam artists.

In your response and all the indications we discovered that your the real
beneficiary of the funds now boxed-money that we will use our cash payment
methods to deliver the boxed-money to you and you will certainly pay/send a $100
to the country origin of the funds for the federal deed of surrenders as Refer
to §1010.850 – Enforcement authority with respect to transportation of currency.

You will post the fee through money gram money transfers with the below information:

Receiver’s Name.. peter oluwa
Country.. Benin Republic
City.. Cotonou
Text question: best
Answer: best
Amount.. $100.
senders name and address .

The home land security delivery-man will off here for your address as soon as
you confirm that you have posted the fee through issuing us the money gram
reference number for claiming the fee in the country as directed.

Note : the home land security delivery-man carrier agent will call you after you
send the fee so you can direct him on how he will reach you to deliver the
boxed-money to your personal collection, under the supervision of our Assistant
Secretary, Office of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer, Mr.Alan
Bersin and our Chief Financial Officer (acting), Chip Fulghum and they will
monitor the delivery agent movements until the boxed-money is delivered to your
personal receipt.

Thanks for your cooperation .you can be reached at {478) 257-1823

Chief Information Officer, Luke J. McCormack
Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity, Phyllis Schneck
Assistant Secretary, Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, Andy Ozment
Director, Federal Protective Service, L. Eric Patterson
Assistant Secretary, Office of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic
Officer, Alan Bersin
Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, R. Gil Kerlikowske
Chief Financial Officer (acting), Chip Fulghum

Jeh Charles Johnson .
you can be reached at {478) 257-1823


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