Merchandise box from Afghanistan

Hello Madam Phoebe Nortje,,

Good day,

In regards to the delivery of your Merchandise box from Afghanistan, which I have rounded up my delivery down here in Accra Ghana and I wanted to fly directly to South Africa for your delivery today.

But the CUSTOMS here at Kotoka International Airport Accra, have been demanding for ( NON-INSPECTION CERTIFICATE DOCUMENT) and also to renew my stamps on your box. They said my stamps on your box is expired and they wanted to OPEN your Box, which General Bill Johnson instructed me before leaving Afghanistan that the Box should not be OPEN or (Scan) . The customs here are demanding for $7,000 US Dollars to renew my stamps on the package and also to OBTAIN ( NON-INSPECTION CERTIFICATE DOCUMENT to back up your box, Which I don’t have the $7,000 US Dollars because of all the payment I have made earlier on. I have made a payment of $2,700 US Dollars to them, so I need an extra $4,300 US Dollars in order to make the payment for the stamps and also to OBTAIN ( NON-INSPECTION CERTIFICATE) DOCUMENT and get to you as soon as possible. I need to take my flight as soon as possible. I am now in Accra Ghana. I need your responds as soon as possible as I don’t have to spend much time here. They are working with time and the longer I remain in their custody the more I will pay. I have a limited time to make that payment to them, And there is no way I can get in contact with Officer Bill Johnson on the phone, I want you to send this money to me as soon as possible. You can send the money through the name of the Custom officer, by (Money gram) This is the address below to send by Western Union or Money Gram.



AMOUNT- ———————– $4,300 US Dollars



Madam, please you have to do the sending fast in your time, to avoid delay so that the Customs here would not open your box and so I can leave Ghana as soon as possible.

Please get back with me now.


Dip Pascal Barnes


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